Casino Review


A casino is an exciting place where people splurge and try their luck at games of chance. It’s a place where champagne glasses clink and tourists mingle with locals to create an amazing buzz that reaches out to everyone. While some of the games can require a certain level of skill, the majority are all about chance. Casinos usually have a flashy décor and upbeat music to add to the excitement.

Aside from the obvious perks of gambling (free drinks, stage shows, etc), casinos are also known for their social atmosphere. People are typically surrounded by others who share their interest in the same game and they can get to know each other over the course of the night. Whether they are just beginning to gamble or are seasoned pros, there is one thing all of them have in common: they want to have fun!

Something about gambling seems to encourage some people to cheat, steal or scam their way into a jackpot. Luckily, casino security is very well trained and they can quickly spot suspicious behavior. In addition, the routines and patterns of casino games make it easy for security to spot any suspicious activity.

With Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone as the stars, Casino is a riveting movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. While it may be over three hours long, the movie never lags or loses steam. The cinematography is impressive and the direction by Martin Scorsese is top notch.

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