How Casinos Keep Their Guests Coming Back


A casino is an institution that encourages gambling. Millions of suckers play these games for a chance to win the jackpot, which carries a 1/987,150,667,074 chance of occurring in a lifetime. The casinos are often surrounded by pawn shops, which sell their customers’ stuff for cash. Some of these shops even have Rolex watches. However, the casinos don’t have clocks, because they would create a huge fire hazard.

The casino’s security staff is trained to keep tabs on the activities and movements of its patrons. For example, dealers shuffle cards and deal them. Betting spots on the tables are clearly marked, making it easy to detect any unusual behavior. But the security measures at a casino go beyond that. They need to make a casino feel as if it is an extension of the community. A casino has to appeal to emotions in order to attract loyal customers.

Casinos are keen on their patrons’ pain points. Their surveillance personnel monitor player cards in real-time to identify the areas that need attention. Comps can also be given to loyal customers to reward their behavior. A casino may offer free credits, drinks, or food vouchers to customers who spend more than they normally would. In turn, this is a way to keep the casino’s revenue high. So, how do casinos keep their guests coming back?

Gambling in casinos is illegal in every other state except for Nevada. However, organized crime figures had a lot of cash from their illegal rackets, and did not mind the somewhat sleazy image of gambling. Thus, money from the mafia flowed steadily into the casinos of Nevada and Las Vegas. They even took part in ownership of some of them. So, it’s safe to say that casinos were not a victim of the Cuban Revolution.

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