How Cvent Can Help Your Casino Become a Destination of Experiential Gambling

One of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world, casino-based gambling draws people in with flashy lights and decorations, music that gets the feet tapping, plenty of places to eat and drink and the palpable sense of excitement that comes from trying your luck. Even your grandmother might enjoy taking weekend bus trips to the closest casino with her friends just for a chance at a few high-stakes games and a taste of that Vegas flair.

Martin Scorsese’s Casino is one of the most iconic movie depictions of the world of gambling and the seedy underbelly that exists behind the scenes. With the help of a stellar cast, most notably Robert De Niro as ruthless mobster Frank Lucas and Sharon Stone’s blonde hustler Ginger McKenna, Casino is a lean and mean thriller that grips you from start to finish.

Casinos are often a major source of income for local governments, which can save them from budget cuts and higher taxes elsewhere in the city and community. Plus, many of these casinos also provide jobs for local residents, boosting employment rates in the neighborhoods surrounding them.

Because a casino is an experiential destination, it’s important to focus on building the right brand image for your location. For instance, if you have partnerships with well-known game providers or offer live leader content, this can boost your casino’s reputation and attract more visitors. Also, consider using Cvent’s competitive ads to target event planners in your area or sister markets and earn group business that might not have otherwise found you.

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